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Alice Sudduth

Davidson, NC, United States


Have seen this bird at my feeders several times this winter.



White Headed House Finch

House Finch with white head.

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  • Barbara Ballinger says:

    A male leucistic house finch has been showing up at my feeder, too.

  • Bob & Laurel Musgrave says:

    A white headed finch come to our Gresham, OR feeder this spring and has flocked with the other house finches. The other finches accept this bird, it is neither dominant or subordinate of the other finches. There is only one.

  • D. Tyler says:

    I have a white headed finch flocked with the house finches at my place in Oakland, CA.

  • Gayle Shuler says:

    I just had a white-headed finch at my feeder. It’s December in Utah!

  • LAURA LAKIN says:

    I had a white-headed finch at the bird feeder on December 28, 2015 Albuquerque NM 87120

  • Kath says:

    There is an actual breed of Finch with a full white head. I think that the above photo is that from pictures posted online. What I have coming to our feeder is a Finch with a small white cap on the top of it’s head and a white throat,- places that are usually pink. I think it is a mutant Finch bit cannot find any information on-line about it!

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