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Robyn Arnold

Max Meadows, VA, United States


Came home from our 1st Wedding Anniversary Dinner and spotted the little fellow on the feeder..sleeping. I went to the feeder on hubby picked him up. We attempted to feed him, but he would drink from the feeder. We moved the feeder out of the rain, and went in for the night. (10 pm).. The next morning (7 am) we came out to find the little guy still sitting on the feeder. We dipped his beak into the sugar water and took a drink. The next thing we know an adult female and male were at the feeder. The little fellow took a few more drinks, the adults flew off to the nearest tree and a few moments later so did the little baby hummer.
It was a wonderful anniversary surprise

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Category: Week 8: The Unexpected

Baby Hummingbird, Anniversary Surprise!

Baby Hummingbird In The Hand.....

One reply on “Baby Hummingbird, Anniversary Surprise!”

LauraFinazzo says:

what a nice story. The bird in your photo though looks like an adult male. The females and juvenile males have white on the tips of the outer 2 feathers of their tails, and from thie angle, it looks like the gorget is quite dark.

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