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Jenni Chaffin

Moscow, Idaho, United States


I have lived in Idaho my whole life and this is the first Blue Jay I have seen here. It has been pretty fun to see them at the feeders everyday and hope they will stick around a bit longer!


Blue Jays In Idaho!

7 replies on “Blue Jays in Idaho!”

Shay says:

I’ve just recently had Blue Jays at my feeders as well! Such a treat for us in Idaho where these birds aren’t supposed to be! Great pic!

Julie says:

I know it has been 4 years since the other Blue Jays have been spotted here in Moscow, ID, but I heard a bird call that I did not recognize the other day and sure enough, it is a Blue Jay. I think he is migrating, but he has been here at my various feeders for about 5 days. He calls out a lot. I hope he is alright. I am sure he is calling for others like himself. I hope he finds his way. He eats a lot! And drinks water. Beautiful! Fun to see. And I am happy to help him get some energy for his long journey.

Kelly says:

I have lived in southeast Idaho for ten years and feed an extensive and ever-changing list of birds at my feeders. I was absolutely shocked to see a bluejay on my feeders today! I’m from New England and never thought I would see one out here! Awesome! I live just outside of Rexburg,ID in Madison county.

Michele OMalley says:

I saw a blue jay in my yard today. I used to see them back east all the time but never knew they were in Idaho. Ashton, Fremont Co, Idaho

Candee says:

We have a Bluejay that arrived at our bird feeder Nov. 3, 2019. We’ve lived in Ashton, Idaho for 20 years and have never seen one. He’s still here four days later. Is fun to watch!

Lori Allred says:

I have a question! A couple of days ago, we were shocked to see a large, crested gray bird with gray and black markings at our feeder. I would have sworn it was a blue jay if it had only been blue! Does anyone have any idea what this bird could be?! Thanks in advance!

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Lori, There are smaller gray birds that have crests called titmice – the Tufted Titmouse is a good example. However, if the bird you saw was the size of a Blue Jay, it’s possible you were looking at a Blue Jay that has a color abnormality such as Leucism. You can learn more about Leucism here. Otherwise, the list of possible gray bird species heavily depends on your location. Please email us with further questions:

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