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Mary Morris

Charlotte, NC, United States


It was abnormally cold in Charlotte. I let my dog out and feed the birds. Like pavlov’s dogs, the birds associate my dog going out with FOOD! One even landed in my hand before I could spread the food! My kitchen window and bedroom window are now my private wild life theatre screen. The birds are accustomed to my presence at the window with my camera. Bluebirds are rare at my house and I was thrilled to see so many of them. I longed to be a veterinarian, but pain and suffering are frequent observations in that field. As a retired science/math teacher, my students have long ago “flew the coop” and feeding the birds is my way of alleviating pangs of hunger while they reward me with their beautiful presence!

Early Bird Gets The Dehydrated Worm

Good Gagh!

One reply on “Early bird gets the dehydrated worm”

sharon iehl says:

why dont the baby robins have tails after they leave the nest

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