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Rob Mueller

Etobicoke, Toronto, ON, Canada


It was a cloudy afternoon in June when this was taken. We were on “falcon fledge watch” in Etobicoke at the Sunlife Peregrine Falcon nest site. The young birds were flying by now. And Layton, the biggest girl in the bunch, was a real superstar, excelling at all training given to her by mom and dad.

We heard the screams and saw mom O’Conner come flying in with a Pigeon. She moved the kill from mouth to talons numerous times as she came closer to the nest site. It was Layton who came flying out, screaming with excitement as she flew towards mom, and flew up under her where mom let go of the Pigeon. Layton successfully caught the kill and flew to another building ledge to eat the Pigeon. She actually caught two that day. It was something to see!

Food Transfer From Mom To Daughter

Food transfer between a mother Peregrine Falcon and her daughter.

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