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Doris Evans

Tucson, AZ, United States


I noticed a male Costa’s Hummingbird hovering around the top of one of our patio pillars, appearing quite agitated. A closer look caught me by surprise. There were two young Western Screech Owls perched on the pillar trying to sleep while the hummer flapped in their faces. This continued for much of the day. The next day the owls were gone. The hummer won.

Go Away, We’re Trying To Snooze. Don’t You Know It’s Daytime?

A Costa's Hummingbird is not happy that these young Western Screech Owls are in his territory.

One reply on “Go away, we’re trying to snooze. Don’t you know it’s daytime?”

Incredible,gorgeous image! Hummingbirds sure do go after animals 10x their size! I love your image, and it sure tells a story!

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