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Laurie Salzler

Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States


I was photographing the Red-bellied Woodpecker when the Northern Flicker flew in and challenged him for rights of the bark butter just above them.

Having Words

AWARD WINNER: Week 8 Winner!Having Words

6 replies on “Having Words”

sharon says:

So gorgeous; so immediate!

A beautiful photograph capturing nature’s beauty and interaction!

Loreen Janos says:

I can’t believe these birds are side by side on the same tree. Great capture in motion by the photograher.

P R Lambros says:

I Vote for Laurie Salzler’s “Having Words” photo. There is a light that beams through her camera’s lens–and it is her spirit, intrigue and one-ness with nature, predominantly birds that allows Us the Viewer to appreciate the life of these winged creatures and their beauty. I strongly suggest that anyone looking for images conveying birds “look no further!”.


Sheri Campbell says:

Rare action shot . Beautiful and great skill of Photographer.

Salzano says:

Wow! That is beautiful! Such a wonderful shot and hard to find! Much compliments to the photographer! Ann Arbor is a fun place to go and a place where you can take many pictures! 🙂

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