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Michele Beesley

Grand Rapids, MI, United States


This was the second visit in three days for this male Pileated Woodpecker…The suet was very hard, and he was really pounding away at it. Our area was under a Winter Storm Warning due to the Artic Vortex that came down from the North Pole, according to weather reports. We have had dozens and dozens of birds at our various stations, suet and oiled sunflower seeds…The Pileated has never come to the bird bath, heated for winter, that we have ever seen. He stayed for a good 5 minutes this time, but was frightened off, as were many other birds, but a Sharp Shinned Hawk flying after a different species.

His Second Visit!

My grandchildren were thrilled, and the ten year old could name the Male Pileated Woodpecker. This was his second visit in just a few days, due to the Artic Vortex which visited our area. Very very cold and snowy...

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