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Tamara Reiser

Sammamish, WA, United States


A small covey of California Quail frequented my mom’s semi-residential backyard, but one day a hawk grabbed at and dropped this guy. My sister ran out and picked it up and brought the stunned bird inside. She then went out and put together some leaves and branches into a small nest under a bush and place the bird in it. After an hour the covey came out of the wooded area and into the yard, and we were glad to see the little guy come out of the bush and join the others. In this picture he looks quite content, but the first picture we took he was pretty bedraggled and stunned.

Quail Rescue


One reply on “Quail Rescue”

Patti Keyes says:

Wonderful story! Thank you for posting.
We have nesting quail on our property and we’re so excited to have them back!
But we also have nesting red tailed hawks and barn owls nesting in a box nearby… plus snakes, coyotes, etc., – seems like the hatchlings will get picked off before they can grow up! – wish there was something we could do once they hatch to protect the – any ideas? Or do we just trust nature, as usual?

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