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Bernadette Banville

Succotash Marsh State Management Area, South Kingstown, RI, United States


I was walking trails bird watching when a fellow bird watcher had asked me if I had ever seen a Red Winged Crossbill before? I told her I had never heard of one so I guess not -why? She said follow me down the road, you will love this bird. With that I jumped into my truck and followed her down to a long beach road smelling like Christmas trees. We walked a bit to get there but it was well worth it to see these very friendly, acrobatic birds hanging upside down like parrots. Some were spitting seeds from pine cones at me while I was under the tree looking for these birds high up on the tree tops. Once they knew we where watching them the fun began. They also were white winged crossbills with them but not to many. The females of both species were yellow/greenish in color and very comical as well. I am so happy that I had just seen a very RARE bird in my area and to get so close and personal with them was truely amazing, a moment in my 3 years of bird watching I will NEVER forget. Hoping they will return once again this year.


Rare Bird {my First}

Rare Bird {my first}

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