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Wildbird Recovery

Pittsburgh, PA, United States


Meet Petey, a 14 year old rescued peacock that lives on the grounds of Wildbird Recovery, a non profit wildlife rehabilitation center in western PA. When the feeders are full, Petey usually makes a visit!

Stinkin Peacock….

Petey is never shy when the feeders are full!

8 replies on “Stinkin peacock….”

Janet says:

gotta have some of the feathers!

I love Petey! Visited him for the first time in April of this year — he’s a beauty!

rhonda blaney says:

Love Petey!!

doug says:

petey for president

Laura Manz says:

Petey …….you are gorgeous!!!

Beth says:

Petey is known on as “Petey, the prenatal peacock” because of his uncanny ability to pick the next mare to foal.

Nicole Milbert says:

He needs a bio “Petey: Likes short walks through the barn and the occasional goose chase. Oversees horse births from the rafters to provide medical advice. Extremely social and teaches that bald is beautiful by strutting his stuff with confidence when he looses his tail feathers.”

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