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Janie McConnell

Duncansville, PA, United States


I started my garden after my son had been killed by a drunk driver. Each year I add too it and strive to select flowers and trees that attract Butterflies, Bees, and Birds. As well as many other of God’s creatures. It has given me much peace and joy, and above all Hope. I have watched a Monarch unfold so beautifully from it’s cocoon, and many birds hatch and eventually fly miraculously from their nest. And each year I watch “monster” Bullfrog sit diligently by the pond. It is indeed a little bit of Heaven to me.

A Little Bit Of Heaven On Earth

AWARD WINNER: People's Choice Winner!A Little Bit of Heaven on Earth

5 replies on “A Little Bit of Heaven on Earth”

Amanda says:

You have such a gorgeous garden. Definitely a bird paradise, and I’m sure, a sanctuary for you.

Gary Mueller says:

Your garden is absolutely beautiful! It is a lovely tribute to your son and should be this week’s winner.

Linda Ruth says:

I’m so sorry about your son. Your beautiful, peaceful garden is a wonderful way to preserve his memory.

Your garden is beautiful and a tribute to your son. The color combinations, water feature, bird feeders, path and blue arched arbor are delightful additions. Very sweet and a winner in view. God’s grace and blessing to you.

Judi says:

It does look like a little bit of heaven — lovely for all creatures!

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