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Janet Lewis

East Grand Rapids, MI, United States


I had several cardinals at my feeder late this summer who were completely bald, save for a few lone feathers sticking out here and there. Concerned, I posted some images on several birding FB pages, including Cornell Labs. The response I got was that this was likely either an extreme case of molt, or perhaps the birds had an infestation of mites. Others said they had seen bald blue jays as well as cardinals. In any case I was assured that the feathers would grow back in. Indeed they seem to have regrown as all the cardinals visiting my feeders now have beautiful plumage with a full spike of crest feathers. But last August they were sure a sorry lot to look at!

A Really Bad Hair Day

She's Totally Bald!

2 replies on “A Really Bad Hair Day”

Marsha Russell says:

Today, May 13, 2015, I had a bald male cardinal at my feeders. The head was completely grey and unfeathered, while the body was still intensely red.

Marsha Russell says:

I forgot to include my location: Chapel Hill, NC.

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