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Photo Submission

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Nathan Rathbun

Rochester, NY, United States


Banding of birds both generates a wealth of data for understanding birds better as well as gives many people an opportunity to see birds up close and notice details that they never would from afar. This hummingbird was banded and released to the delight of a small group of people visiting the banding station. Hopefully it will be found in another location where information such as travel and change in characteristics over time can be calculated!

A Release Back To The Wild

A unique opportunity arose when I visited a banding station. A guest bander was able to band hummingbirds, a rare certification that most banding stations don't have. The birds were handled with special care as their characteristics require. Measurements and data from banding and recapturing these birds are important to understanding their migration and breeding habits. This one was being released after receiving its band.

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