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Cynthia Lockwood

The Woodlands, TX, United States


We have many seed, suet, peanut, and hummingbird feeders in our yard, along with three birdbaths in various locations. A bluebird house is there and Carolina Chickadees have nested in it for the past several years. We have bottlebrush shrubs, which hummingbirds, migrating Indigo Buntings and Orioles love, wax myrtles and yaupon hollies attract many fruit-loving birds like Northern Cardinals, American Robins, Northern Mockingbirds, migrating Yellow-rumped Warblers, and Cedar Waxwings. Many birds also like to eat the seeds on our crape myrtle and vitex shrubs. Not only do our shrubs provide food, but also much needed shelter. Some birds eat the berries on our lantanas and hummingbirds love the blooms on our star jasmine vine, red shrimp plant that is pictured here, lemon sorbet shrimp plant, tangerine beauty crossvine, hot lips salvia and fairy duster. We also have many trees and never use toxic insecticides. It’s such a joy to feed and watch all of the beautiful birds that visit our yard!

A Yard For The Birds

2 replies on “A Yard for the Birds”

Pretty flowers and eye-catching hummingbird feeder. Thank you for identifying it as a “red-shrimp” plant. Sounds like you carefully selected your color combinations. Those are good tips for my spring time planting plans.

Cynthia Lockwood says:

Thank you so much Josette for your nice comments!

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