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Marilyn Meadows

Calabasas, CA, United States


This hummingbird let me photograph him at 2 feet away. He took my breath away.

Anna’s Close Up

Do you think I'm beautiful?

14 replies on “Anna’s close up”

This is a fantastic photo by Marilyn that just loves and adores her hummers. Would love to see her win, good luck, Michele Mccue

Pat MacMaster says:

Marilyn’s photos are the best!!! Hope this one wins!!

John West says:

perfect capture of color

Judy says:

luv this shot

Donna says:

Absolutely stunning.

sue wolfe says:

Beautiful, and so close! Love it.

Dorothy J Miller says:

I love all the bird posts.

Jenn says:

very stunning

James says:


Lissa Byers says:

Absolutely beautiful

Mar Jenn says:

what a great closeup

Heather Howe says:

i vote for Anna’s close up of the hummingbird

Deborah Fletcher says:

I vote for this for the best!!

dianna martin says:

This is the most gorgeous photo of a hummingbird I’ve ever seen! And the face just makes me smile! Love it!

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