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Pam Koch

Flagstaff, AZ, United States


My yard in Flagstaff, Arizona was a certified NWF Wildlife Habitat and certified Bird Friendly Habitat which goes well beyond the scope of the picture. It features both natives and adaptable plants that provide shelter and food for birds and wildlife. The picture shows a more formal small portion of the habitat with a 500 gallon pond with a waterfall as the centerpiece. Behind the privacy fence was wildscape that included Chokecherry trees, honeysuckle, Virginia Creeper Vine, Elderberries, Sumac, Yellow Currants, grapes, cherry trees, native wildflowers, and more. The yard has attracted over 115 varieties of birds.

Bird Paradise

Certified Habitat Yard

One reply on “Bird Paradise”

Wow! Over 115 variety of birds. I would love to sit in your yard to bird watch.

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