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Deidre Lantz

Bozeman, MT, United States


Took a trip up to a local park/cemetery to look for winter birds. When I got to the cemetery I heard something tapping on wood. Was it a woodpecker, or maybe a chickadee or nuthatch? I heard a nuthatch next to me, but kept hearing the drumming. As I rounded one tree and looked up, I found a woodpecker! When I saw the flash of yellow on his head, I knew it was a woodpecker that I haven’t seen in person before. It was my first sighting of an American three-toed woodpecker! I watch him pick away bark looking for insects, (the tracts of which you can see in the tree) for a while before he headed up the tree to forage in higher branches.

Cemetery Woodpecker

The Woodpecker With Three Toes

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