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Paul Santo

Stillwater, MN, United States

Chickaee Landing Approach

Chickadee coming in for a landing. Captured in Minnesota by Paul Santo

4 replies on “Chickaee landing approach”

Paul Santo says:

Sheesh. I can’t believe I made a typo in the title of this photo. I can’t find any way to edit my submission. Next time I’ll proofread before hitting submit. I hope you’ll consider voting for my chickadee pic!

Linda Fraser says:

I vote for Paul Santo’s “Chickadee coming in for a landing”.

It is difficult to get flying shots of these very quick and busy Chickadees. Well done.

Dan Starkey says:

What a great photo! Great lines, great focus, and like a stop-action scene. Could almost be a painting. I’ve never seen anything quite so creative.

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