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Laurie Salzler

Ashby, New South Wales, Australia


Due to drought conditions and extreme heat, I keep three birdbaths full of water. The Red-browed Finches were the first to discover and enjoy them.

First One In

6 replies on “First One In”

Karen Patch says:

Ms. Salzler has captured the sheer pleasure this bird is experiencing.

Diana Simmonds says:

The movement and animation signified by the water droplets are magical. And the finch is one of the prettiest yet most often overlooked birds in Australia. For these reasons alone, I think this photo is a winner.

Sandra Jess says:

A wonderful shot of pure bliss.

Mardi Alexander says:

Simply brilliant shot of such a tiny busy creature

Falguni says:

Superb photo.

Sandra Boeving-Learned says:

Love the details on the photo, the colors and the droplets of water…. Ms. Salzler captured it all!!! Beautiful…

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