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Jennifer Reiersen

Yuba City, CA, United States


This baby came down from its nest seconds after its nest mate crashed down from the tree and successfully flew away. This one stayed on the ground and made noise, and a neighborhood cat noticed at the same time I did, so I picked up the fledgling and introduced it to the bird bath while waiting for the cat to go away. Eventually I tucked the bird into a relatively safe hiding place under some boysenberry brambles. It moved itself to a pile of old fence slats behind the shed and stayed there for two or three days. Hopefully it gained better flying and hiding skills before a cat could get to it. I do think I saw it fly away from the top of the shed toward its parents in the next yard over the last time I looked for it behind the shed.


Fledgling Mourning Dove Meets Bird Bath

Fledgling mourning dove meets bird bath

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