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Patricia Cohn

Albuquerque, NM, United States


This little bird showed up October 29 and stayed in my backyard till November 10, fattening up for the trip south. We were at the bottom edge of that first big winter storm/cold front that hit Alaska and the northern U.S., and she must have figured out that it was time to go. I was able to get quite close for this and other photos. This was taken with my Canon point and shoot. She was about 5-6 feet above me and2-3 feet horizontally. She would move across the backyard, following the sun, sitting in a shrub or the trumpet creeper vine. It was unseasonably warm during the time she was here- 60s to low 70s, low 40s at night. Seems like she found a nice microclimate to rest and fatten up a bit.

Fly South Already Little Bird!

female or immature rufous or broadtailed hummingbird. Sitting in the trumpet creeper vine.

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