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Melanie Howarth

Guelph, ON, Canada


This is just a few of a large group of American Robins that frequented my heated bird bath over a period of several midwinter days, while they marauded through the neighbourhood, cleaning up every berry and Crabapple there was. They drank and bathed regularly during that time; what a treat it was!

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“Hey Louie, Where’re Ya’ Going?”

American Robins

4 replies on ““Hey Louie, where’re ya’ going?””

Pam lefcourt says:

Just beautiful!

Joyce bridge says:


Pam Vetere says:

What a captivating photo with the most amusing title. If birds converse, I am sure this is what the group was asking!

Angie McLaughlin says:

It looks like they all have something to say… lovely!

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