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Eric Pittman

Victoria, BC, Canada


A Rufous hummingbird takes a cooling shower during a hot August day by exploiting my plant watering schedule.
I was watering the Fuchsia when she came and sat brazenly for almost half an hour in the sprinkler spray. I was quite happy to let her bath while I captured the moment with my camera.

Lady Rufous Takes A Shower

A Rufous Hummingbird takes a cooling shower on a hot August day.

4 replies on “Lady Rufous takes a shower”

Daisy says:

What a beautiful photo!! The look on the hummer says it all, “Ahhhh….!” A perfect capture of the perfect little flying jewel!

Jennifer Armstrong says:

So sweet! 🙂

Denise Fligger says:

Beautiful Capture!! I Love It!!

Linda Auderer says:

There’s nothing sweeter than watching a hummingbird taking a shower during a thunderstorm!!

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