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Christina Baal

Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, United States


There has been a Pileated Woodpecker cackling at me every day since winter term started. As I walk through the wooded path to my art classes, I can hear him laughing as he wings freely through the bare trees, a red-headed wraith in the winter starkness. One day, I catch a glimpse of that fire head and black wings as it streaks through the trees. Another day, I creep close enough to see its face as it works on a downed log. But whenever it senses my presence, it bolts. Finally, one day, I catch it ascending a tree right on the side of the path. I freeze, carefully waiting until it shifts to the back of the tree and I cannot see it. Then, heart pounding, I tiptoe as fast as I can towards the tree until it reappears. Camera at the ready, I begin to shoot- and can barely believe my eyes as the woodpecker takes a break from its hammering to look me in the eye.

Noticing Me

Taking a time-out from drumming to acknowledge my presence.

2 replies on “Noticing Me”

Eric Baal says:

One of your best I’d say, Christina!

Evan LaMont says:

Absolutely gorgeous. Ms. Baal has such a way with both her photography and writing that I feel like I’m perched there with her, waiting for the shot, and admiring the intricacies of the bird’s gaze and motions. What an indescribable feeling so well transitioned.

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