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Karen Cook

Kingston, NS, Canada


What is extraordinary to some, is every day to others! We do not have cardinals, or evening grosbeaks, but over the winter months, we include a large flock of up to 10 or 12 ring necked pheasants. They faithfully visit our feeders, 2-4 times a day, eating the same black oil sunflower seeds as the Chickadees and Doves!

Our Regulars

My boys- our regular feeder birds! Everyone has birds they see on a regular basis. Ours are a flock of ring necked pheasants!

One reply on “Our regulars”

Mary D. Lee says:

My son told me there was a turkey on our back patio. I kept checking our back yard until I saw a beautiful male ring-neck pheasant. He was eating the bird seed mix and black oil sunflower seeds I spread in the grass for ground feeding birds. I have never seen one in KY. I live in Western KY near the Ohio river, in a small suburban yard surrounded by farmland.

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