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Erin Thomas

Whidbey Island, Island County, WA, United States


We’re visiting Washington State for nearly a month and staying in a waterfront cabin while we’re here. Traveling with a preschooler means that, just because you’re away from home, doesn’t mean you can skip the best part of Halloween! With all the birds and wildlife surrounding us, we just knew that this was the perfect way to keep enjoying our pumpkins after the trick-or-treating was done. What better way to encourage the birds to perch just outside our vacation window- and to teach our daughter a couple valuable lessons along the way!

Pacific Northwest Pumpkin Birdfeeders

Halloween Pumpkins one week, bird feeders overlooking Puget Sound the next...

2 replies on “Pacific Northwest Pumpkin Birdfeeders”

Tina Hales says:

Very creative love it,and through the blue eyes of a preschooler.

Pam Puckeet says:

What a creative idea

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