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Karen Wilson

Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, Chambers County, Texas, United States


This little guy stayed hidden. At times I wasn’t sure he was in the pictures. He was very well camouflaged.

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Category: Week 8: New World Sparrows and Allies

Perfectly Hidden

If I stand really still she won't see me.

7 replies on “Perfectly Hidden”

Jacque Wiggins says:

Nice picture

Jacque Wiggins says:

A nice still shot of a sparrow camoflauged

Jacque Wiggins says:


Jacque Wiggins says:


Jacque Wiggins says:

A really nice picture of a savannah sparrow. In her environment well camofluaged.

Christy Juhasz says:

Absolutely perfect!

Bobby Anthony says:

Great shot, shows all the colors within the picture perfectly

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