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Annette Angela

Vereen Drive, Little River, Horry County, SC, United States

Pileated Woodpecker At Nest Hole

Pileated woodpecker in the process of home inspection!

2 replies on “Pileated Woodpecker at nest hole”

Paul says:

I live in Horseheads NY(Elmira area) a large apple tree in my yard (16″ trunk) fell down in the winter but a large branch holding a large birdfeeder remained erect. So I continued to fill it and have been reluctant to chop up the tree I planted some 40 years ago. Today a huge woodpecker (But looked to large for a common woodpecker) began digging a huge hole in the base of the trunk and flinging chunks out of the hole. It appeared prehistoric but crisp red,black color, Huge size much bigger than and woodpecker I have seen. the picture of a Pileated woodpecker looks identical. (Male). I have some large birdfeeders 4ft square two layers with large roof and many small ones feeding primarily corn and black oil sunflower seeds and some suite. What a wonderful surprise.I see many birds but this was very unusual. I feed all year buy 50 pound bags, they re my friends.

Paul says:

I am inspired to buy a good camera to share images.
I live in town with some nature behind me.

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