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Pam Koch

Flagstaff, AZ, United States


Prior to moving, I had lived for 14 years at a house in Flagstaff that could have 3+ flocks of Pinyon Jays coming in at one time. There were times I counted over 400 Pinyon Jays between the multiple flocks that would come in from different directions. One of the Pinyon Jay banding spots for Northern Arizona University was actually in my yard so I got to participate in the banding. Because I saw Pinyon Jays everyday all day long they were very common to me. It took moving to another town to really appreciate how beautiful they were and now I miss the loud raucous calls as the huge flocks would come in. This previously banded Pinyon Jay was waiting for his turn at one of the many feeders for his share of peanuts. (Fish and Wildlife band is on the other leg with the flock color identification band and not visible).


Pinyon Jay With Bands

Look at my bling (beautiful bands)!

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