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Stephen Wethington

Perryville, KY, United States


This Ruby Throated Hummingbird was photographed in Perryville,Kentucky using a handheld Canon 30D camera with a Canon 70-200L lens.I used a flash and 1/250th shutter speed to capture the angel wing effect.

Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Ruby Throated Hummingbird

3 replies on “Ruby Throated Hummingbird”

Laura Finazzo says:

Nice shot! There’s an interesting theory about why some males have an orange gorget. It’snot often seen. I found an interesting string of articles written by David Sibley on it. It’s worth a read. What month was this taken in?

Stephen Wethington says:

Thank you Laura.I never understood why some are dark colors and some are bright or why they are different colors.Some just have a very little color.This photo was taken in August.

Laura says:

Mine were taken in late July and August but I do have some from May. David Sibley ‘s articles are pretty interesting. He does some research, then comes to a possible reason, then does more research and new ideas emerge. It’s definitely not very common, and even more rare is a RT with a light green gorget. Any way, great shot, Stephen!

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