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S Beebe

Prescott, AZ, United States


A Rufous hummingbird with his beautiful fanned-tail display.


Rufous Display

AWARD WINNER: People's Choice Winner!Rufous tail display

5 replies on “Rufous Display”

Ann says:

Theses are just beautiful! But, the best one, I think is the Rufous hummingbird, Taken by Beebe The tail is so clear, and perfect!!! Thank you.

Neel McCullough says:

Unusual coloring and rarely seen fan-tail. outstanding capture

Pamela Ann Parkhurst kanarr says:

Love the fanning of the tail feathers so rare to see one at rest

ricky gilbert says:

Good display of the fan tail feathers , Nice job !!!!

ricky gilbert says:

Nice display of the tail feathers

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