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John Turnauckas

Stuart, OK, United States


This Swarm of Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds is just a sample of the migrating hummers we had at our feeder in late September to the fist week of October. After that we had one or two birds and then none.

This picture was taken about three miles east Stuart, OK in Rural Pittsburg County, OK where we live on ten acres out in the country.

Swarming Ruby Throated Hummers Heading South

A swarm of Migrant Ruby Throats

One reply on “Swarming Ruby Throated Hummers heading south”

Beverly Liebler says:

I’m new at feeding ruby throated hummingbirds. It’s going to be the 1st of September in 2 days and I still have 2 females that come to my feeder all day long. When will they migrate? I just love them. I have had all females and not one male all summer long. Maybe next year. I’m just concerned that they are not migrating on time.

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