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Eric Pittman

Victoria, BC, Canada


Sweetiebird, the Anna’s Hummingbird, fed her chicks every half hour while I carefully photographed her. This was the third nest she had in our yard that summer and it wasn’t the last. She had four nests, each of which contained eggs before the chicks fledged from the older nest. The nests were all in different trees and about 25 ft apart form each other.

Sweetiebird Arrives With Lunch.

AWARD WINNER: People's Choice Winner!Sweetiebird feeds her 12 day old Anna's hummingbird chicks

14 replies on “Sweetiebird arrives with lunch.”

Jane Bray says:


Theresa says:

Sweet photo of Sweetie bird & babies,
thank you for sharing!

Pamela Bennett says:

Beautiful capture Eric!

Clyda Vanhook says:

Adorable picture

Budi suryadi says:

Give more photos hummingbird from Canada

Vicki Schroeder says:

Great photo!

lisa berry says:


Very beautiful,Awesome family
Sweetiebird has my vote

mary lepatourel says:

lovely shot. you are very lucky to have witnessed all this.

Laura Finazzo says:

Awesome photo.

Rebecca R says:

Fabulous photo capture!

Don Wallace says:

Really nice photograph.

Budi suryadi says:

Nice pict and good job

Judi Dressler says:

What an adorable photo! I am glad you won.

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