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Gilberto Sanchez

El Paso, Texas, United States


I have enjoyed for the past five years feeding and having this beautiful and many other species of Hummingbirds at my garden. I enjoy taking pictures of them every day they bring joy and happiness to my life and my garden.

The Beauty Of Hummingbirds

7 replies on “The Beauty of Hummingbirds”

Becky Ray says:

Gilbert always captures wonderful moments with hummingbirds! I am a huge fan of his photos!

Diane Stahl says:

Love this photo!

LaRue Cromer says:

I have really enjoyed the many beautiful hummingbird photos submitted to various hummingbird groups on Facebook taken by Gilberto Sanchez from El Paso, Texas, U.S. They are always superb photos!!!

Kathleen George says:

So pretty!
Such a beautiful shot!!!

debbie says:


donna pachl says:

I love all his photos,, and I vote for this one hands down awesome photo.

laurie batchelor says:

This photo is absolutely beautiful!!!

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