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Heidi Eichler

Seacliff State Beach, State Park Drive, Aptos, CA, United States


I think pigeons and seagulls are as far from boring as you can get. I can understand how birds that are common in certain areas can start to become ho-um to most people. But if you take the time to look real close, and pause to watch them carry on, you just might realize that they are spectacular birds.

I took this photo at Seacliff State Beach. It was around brunch time on a sunday. The Gulls and Pigeons were crowded together on top of the restrooms. They had a birds eye view of the picnic areas below. So many people and not one of those people noticed these guys. And trust me, the birds took advantage of their “invisible” status. Well fed little sneakers 🙂

The Breakfast Club

"Those people at the picnic tables barely notice us. PERFECT. And now we wait...."

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