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Allison Nunn

Brooklyn, CT, United States


We make sure we have a good variety of flowers/seeds for the birds in summer, as well as mixed greenery for nesting and hiding. We use no pesticides and encourage bees, moths & butterflies amongst other insects. Winter has many places for birds to shelter: azaleas, rhododendrons and boxwood for lower birds, hemlock, spruce & pine for the ones who like heights. We have shelters attached to both the house & close by evergreens. Feeders fulfill a mix of seeds, suet, bird butter, and grubs in winter to be sure to help the birds thrive. We abut a 150+ acre land trust with mixed forest, as well as a marshy/swampy area and a small pond. We love having all different varieties of birds come to our special place.

The Convent Gardens

The Convent Gardens

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