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Debbie Rochon

Coeur d'Alene, ID, United States


This female black-chinned hummingbird was eating and I was able to capture her fabulous wing action.

The Hummingbird Hover

The Hummingbird Hover

10 replies on “The Hummingbird Hover”

Ardel Thompson says:

Beautiful, looks like an angel!

Claudette Cody says:

A vote for this beautiful bird..

This picture is breathtaking to be able to actually see the wings in motion.

Eileen says:

Another wonderful bird photo from Debbie!

Beverly says:

A fantastic shot Debbie! I love the wing motion and clarity on his face.

LuAnn Hansen says:

Fabulous picture Deb! I do love your pictures and this one is a winner….from a fellow hummer lover!

Tammy Colvin says:

Awesome photo!

Kim Bovero says:

this photo is amazing!

carmen says:

So graceful

Lucile Tyson says:

So beautiful!!! I feel like I’m watching it.

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