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Janet Lewis

East Grand Rapids, MI, United States


The trouble with House Sparrows is that there are rarely just one or two. Instead they invade your bird feeder in masses, crowding out all the other birds. These culprits all landed on a pine branch at once, and sat still long enough for me to capture their image. The trio of them made me think of the Three Stooges, although Larry appears to be a female, hence I named her Lara! Though we often think of these birds as a boring and a bit of a pest, they are, on closer examination, very pretty birds with lovely, subtle markings in rich brown hues. Even so…I wish there weren’t so many of them!


The Three Stooges: Lara, Moe, And Curly

Lara (Larry), Moe, and Curly perch on a pine branch waiting to swarm the feeder.

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