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Annette Cozzi

St Charles, IL, United States


….I love the soft focus capture of this hummingbird’s wing action & colors. Looks like watercolors. They are such beautiful creatures. I could watch them for hours.

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Watercolored Winged Wonder

At the feeder...soft winged flight.

7 replies on “Watercolored Winged Wonder”

Dolly Burlage says:

An artist who captures the beauty around us to share!

Bernadette Burlage says:

Beautiful! A winner!

Beth Fowler says:

Amazing picture. It’s as if I could touch her!

Donna Cozzi says:

This is so amazingly real. The colors are so vibrant.
Spectacular photo.

Mary says:

A breath of spring! Great light in this shot!

kate dottenwhy says:

This woman’s photography you can feel with your soul ! She captures the beauty of nature with her camera lens, but you should know the beauty she holds in her heart!

Anne Gibson says:

Looks like a painting, truly beautiful.

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