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Janet Lewis

Canadian Lakes, MI, United States


I was on a one-day Loon photography workshop led by a local photographer. When we arrived, and launched our pontoon boat the fog was heavy and you could barely see 10 feet in front of you. From the whiteness we spotted a loon family emerging from the fog. It was almost like watching a black and white movie! The only give-away that this is a color shot is the red in the adult’s eye. This family had 2 chicks, about 4 days old. We made sure to keep our distance so as to not stress them, they seemed quite at ease with our presence, even swimming up to with 5 feet of the boat.

I love that in this image both chicks are in identical positions, nestled safely under their mother’s wing. These water birds have such graphic markings and shooting in the heavy fog didn’t help to control the exposure.The fog did eventually burn off, but I love the ethereal quality of this image. Seeing and hearing these birds so up close and personal was truly a special treat. If you listen carefully, you might even be able to hear their soulful call!


All Tucked In

Under Momma's Wing

12 replies on “All Tucked In”

Mark Darnell says:

Beautiful composition

Carol Kuipers says:

Always enjoy seeing Jan’s spectactulor bird pictures.

Donna Andersen says:

I always love Jan’s pictures. She has a great eye for the birds.

Joanne harrison says:

I love the picture. The calmness of the water the chucks nestled in their mother’s wing. All is right with thr world.

Jacque Miller says:

I have never seen a loon up close, that is a great picture

Susan Camp says:


Ellen Lewis says:

Another brilliant image from you, Janet Lewis. Even in a near white-out fog conditions you still managed to make an interesting, portrait of the Loon and her family. Nice.

Theresa Nickels says:

Beautiful and charming with those two round little heads peeking out from under that stately lady’s wing!

Joan Brink says:

Beautiful photo, and I am glad Jan noted the red eye, or I would have thought B&W. Nicely done!

amy says:

Positively adorable 🙂

Outstanding shot. Your bird photography is truly remarkable.

Marcia says:

What an accomplished photographer you are! Love the pix!!

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