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Josette Shachter

Trappe, PA, United States


During the spring and summer of 2015 I observed this “one-legged” house finch come to my feeders with a female finch. He would use his wings and tail to balance as he picked up and ate seeds. I observed the chickadee, titmouse, and other finch wait for him to eat a few seeds before hopping on to the feeder. He came to the feeder until around September. I hoped to see him through the seasons but haven’t seem him since.


Balancing On One Leg!

Courage in Adversity

2 replies on “Balancing on One Leg!”

Lola Engalls says:

Beautiful finch!

Josette Shachter says:

I watched him hop around on his one leg, beautifully using his wings and that leg positioned just right to balance himself. Look closely at how strong that one leg appears as he grips the surface. He also had a strong presence at the feeder.

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