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Jill Brown

Raritan, NJ, United States


What a huge surprise! I did not know birds have tongues. Look at this “barbed tongue” I captured on this nuthatch! They use this to retrieve food from trees!

Barbed Tongue

Barbed Tongue Wow!

7 replies on “Barbed Tongue”

Jill says:

Love these birds that hang upside down as they scurry down the trees!

Pete, Gale & Matt Young says:

What a neat picture of a bird ,”ready to eat!”

Jill says:

Thank you for your nice comment!

Nancy Taylor says:

Loved the picture.

Jill says:

Thank you Nancy Taylor!

Andrea Popick says:

You don’t often get to see a bird’s tongue, you captured this at the right moment. Very nice photo.

Jill says:

Thank you… was I surprised for sure! So many people have learned from this photo, nuthatches have barbed tongues!

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