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Patsy Russo

Mobile, AL, United States


In 2015, this Barred Owl successfully raised one owlet in a nest cavity located in the front yard of my neighbor. She has returned to the nest cavity in the last few weeks and we are hoping for another successful nesting.


Barred Owl And Her Owlet

Barred Owl with her owlet

3 replies on “Barred Owl and her Owlet”

Donna Barski says:

As I browsed Birdspotter entries, I glanced at your photo several times before deciding to take a closer look. (I did not notice your caption initially.) It took me a few seconds to see the little one nestled in mom’s feathers. What a fun surprise. Adorable photo!

Theresa Nickels says:

I love how you caught mom just peeking out and the little one wide-eye and curious but safely close to mom. Wonderful!

Deborah Meade says:

Love those little eyes peeping out on the world. Great shot.

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