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Betsy Berglund

Queensbury, NY, United States


I was visiting my elderly father in March and we were watching NCAA tournament basketball in his bedroom. This Barred Owl showed up outside his window, sat on the deck railing and stared in at us for quite some time. I swear he was enjoying whatever game was on. He even hooted a couple of times! A neat experience.


Barred Owl Enjoying March Madness

Hoo, hoo is winning the game?

8 replies on “Barred Owl enjoying March Madness”

How cool! Lucky you to have such a beautiful bird of prey watching the game with you! Wonderful image and story!

Betsy Berglund says:

Thanks Olivia! It was a one of a kind experience that’s for sure and to see one so close up was amazing. Very cool indeed.

Donna Barski says:

Not just a “neat” experience – this was an incredible experience!

Love this unexpected photo! I’d never guess a barred owl would look inside a window and in the day time.

Betsy Berglund says:

I know, it was definitely a very memorable moment. It truly was the oddest thing and he stayed there for such a long time. Every time I go visit my Dad, I hope one shows up again, but we know that’s probably not going to happen! Glad you enjoyed my picture and I’m glad I got one!

Theresa Nickels says:

What a cool photo and story! I guess I need to start watching more basketball!

Alden says:

good image – great story! Caught my attention!

Olivia says:

The strangest thing happened! I was out on a hike this Saturday, and saw a Barred owl! It was so beautiful. She stared at me the whole time from her perch in the pine tree. I posted an image of the owl on participant photos.

beth williamson says:

wow I finally found your photo…Chuck and I are very impressed…really cute…probably did want to say hi to you and your dad.

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