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Phillip Hardy

Americus, Georgia, United States


I live on a 25 acre neighborhood lake that has many bird species including the Belted Kingfisher. I built a perch about 20 feet out into the lake several years ago and many bird species use it at different times of the year. Because I enjoy a challenge I had to figure out how to get this shot without the bird spooking because they are very skittish and will not tolerate human presence at all. My answer was to shoot from a photo blind and wait for the bird to land on the perch. Canon 1DX, 500mm f/4 with 2X TC.

Belted Kingfisher With Fish

One reply on “Belted Kingfisher with fish”

Deb Yodock says:

I can appreciate the difficulty of shooting Belted Kingfishers. Living by the water in Florida I see them often but rarely get a good photo.. You have a beautiful, perfectly exposed picture of this female. From the nice eye to the perfect color this is a lovely capture, well done!

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