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Anne Frederick

Wellsboro, PA, United States

Birdies And Chipmunks And BEARS, Oh My.

We had rented a cabin in the woods of northern PA for a weekend of fishing and relaxation. There was a large birdfeeder on the deck railing, and we had enjoyed all the birds and a few chipmunks eating away. Then, this happened! We had to stop filling the feeder because as soon as we filled it, the bear showed up. He/she also cleaned out the hummingbird feeders.

4 replies on “Birdies and chipmunks and BEARS, oh my.”

Donna Barski says:

I hear about bear encounters in Pa. often! This is such a handsome bear. Can’t blame him/her for gobbling up all the “free” seed and then some.

Looks beautiful there – great bear country! I’m sure the birds are there somewhere too!

And you sure had an entertaining get-away.

Thanks for your entry.

Anne Frederick says:

Thanks for your comment, Donna. Having the bear show up was fun at first, but then became a real nuisance. I had planned to do some reading on the deck while my husband fished on the stream below, but the bear kept coming back. I really didn’t want to doze off while reading to wake up with a black bear beside me (which apparently happened to a previous resident according to the journal we found). We were also worried he/she might try to break into the cabin through the deck screen doors to get to the tub of birdseed kept inside. But, I did get a fun picture.

Andrea Popick says:

This is a good educational photo. It is expected, not unexpected that bears will raid a bird feeder. The feeders should not be put back up. If they are, the bear becomes a nuisance bear and someone can get hurt and/or the bear may have to be destroyed.

Donna Barski says:

Andrea is so right! Best not to feed the birds in bear country.

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