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Rebecca Granger

Bancroft, MI, United States


I heard some loud screeching. Went to investigate and seen this unfolding. My heart just sunk. First time I have ever shown this photograph. Part of nature, I have to accept.


Birds Of Prey

Coopers Hawk & Red Bellied Woodpecker.

4 replies on “Birds of Prey”

Olivia says:

It’s crazy how small Coopers, and Sharp-shinned hawks are, but you don’t really notice until you can compare them to other birds. Red-bellied woodpeckers are pretty small and that hawks seems tiny compared to it! Cool image!

Donna Barski says:

What a dramatic death and victory scene. The red feathered head to the blood spot on the beak stand out in this snow white landscape. I gasped a bit when I saw your photo because I love red-bellied woodpeckers. Although, I also admire the Cooper’s Hawk.

I was told by an “expert” birder that a Cooper’s hawk would not attack red-bellied or hairy wood peckers, instead it goes after the “little” birds. Did the Cooper know this rule?

Of course – there is the exception rule in Nature too.

Laurie Chisholm says:

Donna, last year I saw a Cooper’s Hawk chase a Pileated – I think I actually screamed out loud “No, not the Pileated!”. They flew out of sight, so I did not see the outcome…

Donna Barski says:

Laurie! That is quite an interesting sighting you had, watching a Cooper’s chase a Pileated. I would have never guessed that a cooper’s would go after such a large bird.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I guess I will never underestimate a Cooper’s again!

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