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Ellen Lewis

Cusco, Peru


Though I made this photo while traveling in Peru, I discovered that the Black Australorp breed lives just about everywhere, including the U.S. They are exceptionally soft with shiny black plumage showing off hints of green and purple in the sunlight. This proud momma tries to keep all seven of her chicks tucked safely beneath her warm belly, but there are three who are just too curious about this big world. Photo taken in the back yard of a local resident who thought I was crazy to take a picture of a chicken.

Black Astralorp

3 chicks peeping out, 4 more under mom's warm belly.

4 replies on “Black Astralorp”

Donna Barski says:

Ellen, I compliment you on taking the time to photograph this hen and her chicks. It is so charming and heartwarming. Many birders would just walk on by a chicken. After all – they are just chickens – not birds.

The common often get overlooked and unappreciated.

The gorgeous color – sharpness – details – and interest are all captured in this one photo.

In essence – your photo is unique from all the other entries this week. You get my vote!

Ellen Lewis says:

I appreciate your encouragement, Donna. Thank you so much!

Great photo! i love how the chicks are peeking out from under their big mom!

Ellen Lewis says:

Hey, thank you, Olivia! I must say that i was smiling a lot when I took several photos of this momma chicken kept trying to gather all 7 babies under her wing and body! I appreciate your comment.

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