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Tracy Churchill

Surprise, AZ, United States


Lots of Hummingbird nests and babies in my gardens over the last few years. Love watching the whole process, but this was a real treat. I spotted the fledgling in the Desert Willow. About 10 seconds after it gave a barely audible chirp, Mama was there to feed it.

Breakfast In The Desert Willow

Tender Moment

7 replies on “Breakfast in the Desert Willow”

Sue Elliott says:


Aldith Graves says:

Gorgeous shot. Such technique.

Elizabeth Terhune-Bussell says:

Voting for Breakfast in the Desert Willow.

Connie Hartviksen says:

This is precious. LOVE this photo.

Tammie says:

Just beautiful…

Tammie says:

This is a great shot!!

Mike Hills says:

Nice shot of a rarely captured scene.

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